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The Blitzwolf BW-SHP15 is an earthed intermediate plug based on the Zigbee protocol, made of white plastic and has an illuminated on/off button and can handle up to 16 amps.
The intermediate plug is not very large, but 2 next to each other on a socket is just not possible.
In addition to switching a connected device on or off, the intermediate plug can also measure the following: current and total consumption, voltage and current.
The readings for voltage and current are not accurate but acceptable (a few % difference).

Installation via Zigbee2MQTT is simple.
In the Zigbee2MQTT dashboard, the total consumption is only visible for the first time after a connected device consumes power and this has been reported.
The intermediate plug has child protection.

In Home Assistant, some entities are not immediately visible but are either hidden or disabled. Requires an action to make it visible / enable it.
By default, new values are passed every 60 seconds. If that is too slow, the polling frequency can be adjusted in Zigbee2MQTT via measurement_poll_interval.

The only downside when using Home Assistant (without a Blitzwolf or Tuya hub) is that the total consumption cannot be reset (other than by resetting the intermediate plug itself and pairing and setting it again). Method indicated on the internet via Dev console does not work.
Updating the firmware is also not possible within Home Assistant.

The user manual lacks information on how to reset the adapter.
Also the settings of Indicator_mode and Power Outage Memory are not explained.
Too bad, it's taking some time to figure it out now.

Excellent intermediate plug to visualize the energy consumption of a connected device and/or to automate that device.
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