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Generation-Tech Kft.
Mező utca 12., Veresegyház, 2112, Hungary
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2112 Veresegyház, Mező utca 12.
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BlitzWolf Europe
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Budapest Környéki Törvényszék Cégbírósága
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Bence Fabian
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+36-70/224 90 89
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  • Bartolini Italy - BRT-fermopoint. 6.000 definizioni di libertà
    Grazie agli oltre 6.000 BRT-fermopoint devi solo scegliere il luogo di consegna più comodo e vicino a te.

    Un grande vantaggio in termini di libertà e possibilità, infatti tutte le edicole, le tabaccherie, le cartolerie e le altre attività convenzionate BRT-fermopoint ti garantiscono grande flessibilità di orari e di giorni per il ritiro dei tuoi acquisti.
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  • Royal Mail UK - Home Delivery
    Sending letters and parcels.
    Trust us to get your mail to its destination on time
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    Convenient and secure online payment is provided by SaltPay. In any case, you must enter your bank card details on the secure website of SaltPay, so they will not reach us under any circumstances.
    Accepted bank cards: Visa (also some Electron cards), MasterCard, Internet Cards, etc.
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    If you have a Visa or MasterCard, you can use it to make online purchases. Cards must be issued within the EU.
    Do not forget to authenticate your payment via your Bank's mobile App.
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    Accepted Credit Cards: Visa (some Electron Cards), MasterCard, Internet Cards.
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