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Xiaomi Mijia blue light filter monitor glasses with nickel-free metal frame - for work, study and fun - Gold

Xiaomi MONITOR Glasses
Xiaomi Mijia Anti-Blue Light Glasses (HMJ06LM) is a retro design model with a thin metal frame. The glasses have an elegant and discreet appearance and are available in gold and black. Suitable for both men and women, fits most face shapes. In the evening, due to the blocking effect of blue light, it helps promote better quality sleep.

Brand Xiaomi Mijia
Designation Blue light filter monitor glasses
Color Gold
Gender Unisex
Lens material Nylon
Frame material SUS304
Lens property Polarized, UV resistant
Frame property High quality hinges, durable
Size 52x20x147mm
Contents of the package - Xiaomi Mijia Anti-Blue Computer Glasses HMJO6LM
- case
- lens wipe
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The lens
The most important part of blue light filter glasses is the lens. Xiaomi Mijia Anti-Blue Light Glasses HMJ06LM uses nylon lens with higher Abbe number than polycarbonate lenses, clear image with accurate color reproduction, light transmission ≥ 90%, thus restores the real appearance of the image.


Double-sided OAR coating

The spectacle lenses are coated with OAR anti-reflection film both inside and outside, the inner layer reduces the reflection of light in the eye, the outer layer improves the light transmission of the lens. The lenses are equipped with a double oleophobic coating on both sides, which makes wearing the glasses much more pleasant. The lenses get less dirty and can be easily wiped.


The Frame
The frames of the Xiaomi glasses are made of super light SUS304 material, which is why:
- They are flexible enough to adapt to any face shape.
- Due to their light weight, you can wear them all day, you won't even notice they are on.


Who do we recommend?

For office workers
Excel, Word, Powerpoint, correspondence, conference calls, we also know what these mean. Many, many hours in front of the machine. That's why you have to use a good quality Xiaomi monitor glasses so that you can handle the pace better and your eyes don't dry out.

For working in front of a monitor
The more we look at monitors and displays that emit blue light, the sooner our eyes get tired and dry. The Xiaomi monitor glasses help with this.


What is blue light and why is it harmful?
Blue light is the light emitted by modern electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops and TV screens.
"According to a recent study, the average Western European spends more than 8 hours a day using their smart devices."

The cornea and lens cannot filter out these lights, so they can cause fatigue, blurred vision, and dry eyes, among other things.
Prevention is just as important! If you don't feel dry eyes yet, you should still use blue light filtering glasses to avoid these problems in the future.


Blocks 40% of blue light to protect vision

Mijia glasses are specially designed for everyday use at work, school or other occasions where long-term use of displays is expected. The lenses block up to 40% of harmful blue light and protect against UV rays. With Mijia glasses, your vision is always reliably protected.

After wearing Mijia Anti-Blue Glasses, your eyes will remain calmer and more comfortable, no matter how much time you spend in front of the computer. Take care of eye protection when working with digital devices, your eyes will thank you for it!



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