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Xiaomi Mijia Anti-Blue monitor glasses, with titanium frame - blue light and UV filtering, square shape, comfortable to wear - black

Xiaomi MONITOR Glasses
The computer glasses are designed to reduce the harmful effects on vision during prolonged computer work with the help of special lenses.

Brand Xiaomi Mijia
Designation Blue light filter monitor glasses
Color Blue
Gender Unisex
Lens material TAC
Frame material TR90 + metal
Lens property Polarized, UV resistant
Frame property High quality hinges, durable
Size 55 x 17 x 140mm
Weight 15 grams
Contents of the package - Xiaomi Mijia Anti Blue Light Glasses Square
- case
- lens wipe
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In the modern world, it is difficult to imagine even a day without screens.

Mobile devices make life easier in many ways, but at the same time they gradually worsen vision.

Xiaomi Mijia Anti-Blue Titanium Square Glasses are designed to reduce the negative impact on vision during prolonged work at the computer. Special lenses filter out UV radiation and certain blue wavelengths, due to which the eyes do not dry out and are less tired.

Ultralight frame
The frame of Xiaomi Mi Computer Glasses glasses made of titanium and TR90 anti-allergic plastic is ultra-light and elastic, and at the same time it is completely comfortable to wear glasses all the time. And also the flexible design of the frame ensures the safety of the glasses themselves in case they fall.



Strong titanium stem is extreamly reliable and keep their good appearance for a long time. This classic frame is suitable for any style of clothing.



Comfortable fit without pressure
The curved temples effectively distribute pressure and distribute pressure on the ears for a comfortable fit. Reinforced metal alloy loops securely connect the temples to the frame, ensuring durability and protection from damage. Self-adjusting nose pads do not slip or put pressure on the nose.



Reflects up to 75% blue light
The lenses reflect up to 75% of blue light and fully protect against UV rays. At the same time, the highest clarity of vision through glasses is maintained.

It will become your reliable protector from the harmful effect of blue radiation. Exposure to harmful blue light from mobile phones, tablets, computers, TVs and modern LED indoor lights disrupts your sleep and causes permanent eye damage.



If you suffer from pain in the eyes and headaches from long screen time, then this model of glasses will become your reliable protector from the harmful effect of blue radiation.

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