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Xiaomi Mi Turok Steinhardt polarized lens sunglasses - classic style, durable and flexible design, black frame
Xiaomi Mi Turok Steinhardt polarized lens sunglasses - classic style, durable and flexible design, black frame

Xiaomi Mi Turok Steinhardt polarized lens sunglasses - classic style, durable and flexible design, black frame

Retro square design - timeless style
TAC polarized, UV resistant lenses | Flexible design | With PU leather case.

Brand Xiaomi Mi
Designation Fashion sunglasses
Color Black
Gender Unisex
Lens material Triacetate cellulose (TAC)
Frame material TR90 flexible
Lens property Polarized, UV resistant
Frame property Screwless design
Size 52 x 20 x 145 mm
Weight 18 grams
Contents of the package - Xiaomi Turok Steinhardt STR004-0120 Sunglasses- case
- lens wipe
In stock. Delivery: 3-9 days - depend on your country.

Xiaomi STR004-0120 sunglasses
The stylish Turok Steinhardt sunglasses reliably protect the eyes from the blinding sunlight and also become an accessory that ensures a good look. The material of the lenses is used in the production of the face shields of the astronaut's space suit.



Light and safe material
The density of the Triacetate cellulose (TAC) from which the lenses are made is only 1.02 g/cm3, making it the lightest material for making spectacle lenses. This material is not only light, but also has a special impact resistance - in the event of a strong impact, the glasses are simply deformed without breaking into shards.



The lenses protect the eyes from excessive sunlight
Polarized Triacetate cellulose (TAC) lenses are widely used in the aerospace and automotive industries, as well as in the production of armored glass. It does not scatter the light, it provides full protection against both UVA and UVB, and at the same time, the TAC lens is noticeably better than the coated glass lens. The coating of the lens with a polarized multi-layer material allows for realistic color rendering and dimming of bright light.


Strong frame
The frame of the glasses is particularly durable: high-quality plastic and stainless steel make Turok Steinhardt sunglasses an excellent choice for everyday use. It is also worth highlighting the dark gray color of the lens, the golden shade of the hardware and the interesting frame. This design appeals to young, stylish men.



Hypoallergenic silicone frame
The temples, temples and nose pads are the parts of the glasses that come into contact with the skin. Therefore, the choice of material for these components is particularly important during the production of glasses. In order to prevent the development of allergies, ordinary PVC was replaced with food-grade silicone, which not only does not irritate the skin, but also ensures comfortable wear.



Comfortable grip strength
Compared to traditional sunglasses, the pressure on the temples has been reduced several times, thereby significantly reducing the pressure on the head.



Innovative design
Turok Steinhardt sunglasses are characterized by outstanding design innovation and a high level of product construction reliability. Everything is first class.



This TS glasses model is made in the classic style of modern sunglasses with dark gray lenses that are durable and elegant. TS STR004-0120 glasses are suitable for almost all faces and different styles of clothing.


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