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Veger TC130 - 100W + 30W charging power for all USB Type-C devices, 25000mAh, 2x Type-C + 1x USB-A + 1x Lightning ports

Veger TC130 - power bank designed for devices with large current consumption (e.g. laptops, etc.).Charge any Type-C device from a battery as quickly as if you were using a wall charger!
Max. available on the Power Delivery port. charging power 100 Watt, plus you can charge 2 devices with 30W in addition to your laptop.


Guarantee: 18 months
Material: Lithium Polymer Battery, Fiberglass, scratch-resistant housing
Color: Black
Capacity: 25000mAh
Charging power: 130W
Ports: Output:
1x PD Type-C 100W
2x Type-C (1x built-in cable, 1x Type-C port)
1x Apple Lightning (1x built-in cable)
1x USB Type-C PD 60W
Size: 181 x 79,2 x 25,3mm
Weight: 508g
Contents of the package: Veger TC130 - 25000 mAh Powerbank, warranty paper

The Veger brand - since 2013 has specialized in the production of power banks and chargers. You can make sure in quality if you choose Veger products because Veger provide you a 18 months warranty.

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Laptop charging on the go, as if you were using a mains charger
The high-performance, 100W PD (USB Type-C to USB Type-C) output means that you can charge your Type-C device at the same speed as the original network charger, be it based on Apple, Windows, or Android. E.g. Bring your Macbook Pro 13" back to life from 0% to 65% in just 1 hour.

Huge Capacity
With the external battery capacity of 25000 mAh, MacBook Pro can be charged 1.4 times, iPad air 1.9 times, iPhone x 5.4 times, Switch 3.4 times, Samsung S9 5.3 times.

Charge 4 devices simultaneously
Charge a laptop with the 100W USB-C port, you still have 3 cables/ports and 30Watt power for three other devices: a built-in Apple Lightning and Type-C cable, as well as a USB-A QC3.0 and a USB Type-C port .

You can charge the power bank lightning fast
Not only does the TC130 charge your devices quickly, but the power bank can also be charged lightning fast, as the 60 Watt charging port charges the 25,000 mAh battery in 2 hours.

Safe and protection
We have equipped you with multiple protection and security systems, as well as an IQ intelligent identification that automatically selects and sets the fastest charging method for your charging device.

About the Veger brand
Founded in 2013, VEGER has become a market leader in the field of mobile charging solutions, specializing in Powerbanks and chargers. Combining innovative design and cutting-edge technology, VEGER is well known for its reliable products, excellent service and affordable prices. All Veger products are supplied with an 18-month warranty, which is rare in the battery market, and the company's products comply with CE/ROHS/FCC and other quality control certificates, which are sold in more than 30 countries around the world.


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