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Selfie stick, tripod + extra length - BlitzWolf® BW-BS10 Plus 1300 mm long, with pull-out stand, concealed legs, removable remote control

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Guarantee: 18 months
Length: 1300 mm
Control: With Bluetooth remote control
Remote control operating time: 15,000 photos
Supported phone size and phone OS: 58 ± 2mm ~ 88 ± 3mm - All Android and IOS versions
Phone holder rotatability: 360 °
Weight: 265 grams
Size: 55 * 31.5 * 236mm
Material: Aluminum alloy and rubber
Contents of the package:  BlitzWolf BW-BS10 Plus selfie stick, micro USB charging cable. 
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Extreme length.
1300 mm in size when fully extended, all with a feather weight of 265 grams.

More compact than ever
The legs can be slid into the phone holder when folded, so they are not visible.

Removable Bluetooth remote control
The remote control is independent of the selfie stick, so you can shoot from your phone remotely. Adjust the stand, slide out the controller and it is ready to use.
The Bluetooth remote control can be easily paired with your phone from the phone's Bluetooth menu. After pairing, simply press the button to take the picture.
With a 50mAh battery, you can take up to 15,000 shots.

Wide compatibility
The BlitzWolf BW-BS10 Plus phone holder head supports all devices in sizes from 58 ± 2mm ~ 88 ± 3mm. The remote control does not require any additional application, it is compatible with any version of Android or iOS.

Lightweight and stable
Made of aluminum alloy, the BW-BS10 Plus is light and stable in your hand. The tripod has a rubber insert on the leg for extra stability.



Blitzwolf BW-BS10 Plus extra long selfie strick


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