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Rotating stress relieving ball - black

CaLeQi Desktop Ball Transfer Gyro Optical Illusion Stress Relief Gadgets, Kinetic Desk Toy Ball for Stress Relief, Anti-Anxiety, Focus-Concentration.

Brand CaLeQi
Type Fidget Building Blocks 
Material Alu
Size 53 × 46 mm
Age Range > 14 years old
Out of stock

Stress Relief Desktop Ball:
Rotate the fidget spinning ball, creating a 360° optical illusion of the continuous flowing spiral. A dynamic visual effect transforms your anxiety to peace mind. Keep attention, relax body. A small investment, a big return.

Durable Material:
The kinetic desk ball is made of aviation aluminum alloy, with the feature of stronger hardness and longer using lifespan, tougher several times than ordinary ones. Do not worry breaking it apart.

Customer-oriented Design:
Improve our fidget toy ball based on customer survey. A helix-shaped groove milled to guarantee a smooth and silent spin, won't be bothering anyone around. Anti-slip mat in the bottom, prevent it falling down.

Easy to play with it:
Put it in any flat surface like desk, floor, the back of hand, then only rotate it, rotating for about 2-3 mins with an amazing outcome: reduce stress without distracting your attention, forget your annoyance.

A Perfect Gift:
Not only a design for creators, thinkers, office workers to reduce stress, but also a gift to children to help them concentrated. Moreover , a good-looking decoration in your desk.

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