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Raedian NEO 7kW AC Wallbox - electric car wall charger | 7kW - 1x32A | Type 2 cable | Application and RFID card control - Black
Raedian NEO 7kW AC Wallbox - electric car wall charger | 7kW - 1x32A | Type 2 cable | Application and RFID card control - Black

Raedian NEO 7kW AC Wallbox - electric car wall charger | 7kW - 1x32A | Type 2 cable | Application and RFID card control - Black

Charge your electric car comfortably at home with Raedian's wallbox that can be mounted on a wall or pillar. You can set the charging power and timing from the application, which estimates the charging time and inform you when it is finished. You can start charging with a WiFi and Bluetooth connection and an RFID card.

Compatible with all cars with a Type 2 connector (EU standard). The charging time depends on the on-board inverter of your car.

Model NEO 7 T5-G Wallbox
Guarantee 3 years
Color Black
Application Name (IOS & Android) RAEDIAN
Controllability Application, bluetooth, RFID card
Display OLED
Charging indicator LED running on the side of the box, sound effect
Output power 7kW
Output current AC (alternating current)
Input voltage 230V
Input phase 1 phases (1x32A)
Charging cable length 5 meters
Water resistance level IP55
Recording Wall, charging station
Electric car connection standard Type 2
Size 210 x 300 x 11 cm
Weight 4.8 Kg
Compliance standards CE, TÜV, CB, UKCA
Contents of the package - Raedian NEO 7kW AC Wallbox 5m cable with Type 2 connector
- RFID card
- CT box


In stock. Delivery: 3-9 days - depend on your country.

RAEDIAN - Energize the future of eMobility


Raedian is changing the way the world uses energy! Our advanced electric charging solutions for homes, businesses and cities offer more sustainable ways to use and share energy. Find which solution is right for you!

The charging performance

Variable between 0 - 7kW, with single-phase (1x32A) input. Remember that the maximum charging power depends on the AC - DC inverter of your car and the electrical circuit in your home.
You can schedule the charging cycles, so you can charge your car outside of peak hours, which optimizes your costs depending on your relationship.

Hassle-free installation

Our qualified installation partners ensure the correct and safe installation of your Raedian charger. The installers were trained by our expert engineering team. (The installation must be ordered separately and is only available in Hungary)

It can be installed on a wall or on a pole (the pole can be purchased separately) and the input power cable can be connected from the bottom, top or back.


SMART charging and safe above all else - this is the CT box and the Fi relay

This Raedian charging station monitors important charge status information via a special CT box such as total time, power, temperature and voltage, and stops charging when the maximum safe values are exceeded.

Current sensor: The CT box is a current sensor that monitors the current in the charging cable. This allows you to check the charging process and detect overloading or other problems.

Protection: The CT box provides protection against overcurrent, overvoltage and other electrical problems. For example, if too high current is detected in the charging cable, the CT box will shut down the charging to prevent the cable from overheating or other dangerous situations.

The charger is installed with a type B circuit breaker (RCD or Fi-relay) and a cable with a cross-section sized for the power.


This charger is compatible with all electric cars with a Type 2 (EU standard) plug.


Charge history

In the application, you can track and filter the data of your previous charges, export it, or send it to yourself by e-mail.

Security against theft

The start of charging must be authorized from the Application, via a WiFi or Bluetooth connection, or with an RFID card. The charging cable placed back on the wallbox is blocked by a latch, so it can be removed after authorization.

Certificates and warranty

All electric car wall chargers sold by us are regularly tested and not only have the mandatory CE certificate, but also meet the requirements of the German TÜV and the English UKCA. We offer a minimum 2-year warranty on our wall chargers. Our low prices do not come at the expense of quality!

Set up the Application in a few simple steps:

3-5 days
36 hónap
Raedian NEO 7kW AC Wallbox
Max. teljesítmény:
1 x 32A
Irányítás App-pal:
Csatlakozó kábel típus:
Type 2
Irányítás RFID kártyával:
Rögzítési mód:
Falra, vagy oszlopra
EV car charger
Electric Vehicle Charging
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