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RSH® SB02 WiFi - 2 chanel SMART switch - Application control, timing, voice instructions. Amazon Echo, Google Home and IFTTT integration
RSH® SB02 WiFi - 2 chanel SMART switch - Application control, timing, voice instructions. Amazon Echo, Google Home and IFTTT integration

RSH® SB02 WiFi - 2 chanel SMART switch - Application control, timing, voice instructions. Amazon Echo, Google Home and IFTTT integration

2 chanel - 1 permanent input and 2 controllable / switchable output. It can be connected to a direct WiFi network, no Gateway is required.

Control any electrical device using your phone or voice, give automatic instructions with the RSH® SB0x smart switch. From anywhere, via the Internet. Extra small size, it even fits behind the wall switch.

Warranty 24 months
Supported platforms Android / Apple, IOS
Supported applications BlitzWolf / Tuya SMART / Smart Life
Input AC110~230V 50/60Hz
Output 2x
Max load 10A / 2300W
Wifi type 2.4G Wi-Fi
Connection type WiFi
Material ABS
IP rating IP20
Operating Temperature -10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃
Product size 39.2*39.2*18mm
Contents of the package RSH® SB02 WiFi Smart controller

Additional switches:
1 channels SMART switch - RSH-SB01-WiFi
3 channels SMART switch - RSH-SB03-WiFi
4 channels SMART switch - RSH-SB04-WiFi

The RSH brand has been specializing in the production of sensors, chargers, electronic devices and SMART Home products since 2007. Reliable quality, delivered with a 24-month warranty.

In stock. Delivery: 3-9 days - depend on your country.

Automate your home's electrical devices with the RSH® SB0x smart controller!

It gives you more than a remote control, as you can customize its operation based on data downloaded from the Internet: e.g. we can set the position of our electrical device for the rising or setting of the sun, taking into account the local outside temperature, wind speed, the strength of the sun plus the current state of other smart devices, etc.

Integrated into Google Home, the application can also be controlled by voice.

It can be seen that by using these data, we get more than just a simple controller. . .

Mini size
39.2*39.2*18mm mini body that fits in most wall mounting boxes.
It is not only small, but also strong. it can be used for most household appliances and lighting, as it can be loaded up to 10 Amps (2300W).

Support for two-way control
This smart controller can be used for the old two-way control switch. Especially since you can still control the old switch manually after installation.

App remote control
Remotely control lighting or household appliances through one of the BliztWolf / Tuya / Smart Life applications from anywhere, anytime.

Voice control
The Wifi DIY switch works with Alexa and Google Home Assistant, so you can conveniently control devices with simple voice commands when you're on the go.

Schedule a timer
Create schedules to automatically turn on and off home appliances or lighting. It helps to save energy and electric bill.

Relay state setting
Never worry about a power outage, as you can set this smart controller to reset when the power comes back on.

Group control
Set all your smart switches in one group with BliztWolf / Tuya / Smart Life. You can then turn on/off all your appliances or lights from your smartphone with a single click.

Smart scene
Create your own scene to turn home appliances ON/OFF based on startup mode, home mode, temperature, humidity or other environmental conditions.

Install the RSH® SB02 smart controller in 6 simple steps

1. Download one of the BlitzWolf / Tuya / Smart Life apps to your phone, be it Android or IOS, and select the "Add Devices" button in the upper right corner.
2. Connect and apply power to the SB0x.
3. Press and hold the reset switch on the RSH® SB0x for 5 seconds (the LED starts flashing quickly)
4. Select and enter the password of your home wireless network.
5. Rename the device if you have several smart home gadgets, so you can easily recognize it.
6. Press the "Done" button and schedule it according to your needs or create rules so that it works with your other devices.

It also works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Here is a Google Smart home presentation:


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