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RSH Airbox-02 Air Detector - Smart air quality detector: CO2, formaldehyde, temperature, humidity and air pollution measure & alarm
RSH Airbox-02 Air Detector - Smart air quality detector: CO2, formaldehyde, temperature, humidity and air pollution measure & alarm

RSH Airbox-02 Air Detector - Smart air quality detector: CO2, formaldehyde, temperature, humidity and air pollution measure & alarm

Measure and set up automated processes to maintain good quality air in your home.
Input DC5V-1A
Interface Type Micro-USB
APP Control BlitzWolf , Tuya Smart , Smart Life
Networking Mode 2.4GHz Wi-Fi
Formaldehype Detection Range 0-10.00mg/m³
VOCs Detection Range 0-99.9ppm
CO2 Detection Range 0-1000ppm
Temperature Detection Range 0-60°C
Humidity Detection Range 0-95%RH
Working voltage (rated) 4.8-12V
Working current 10-496mA
Power supply mode USB 5V/1A
Contents of the package - RSH Airbox-02 Air Detector
- Micro USB cable

The RSH brand - has been specializing in the production of sensors and chargers since 2007. Since the appearance of Smart Home devices, they have equipped their products with smart functions. We deliver with an 18-month warranty.

In stock. Delivery: 3-9 days - depend on your country.

The RSH Airbox-02 is a smart temperature, humidity and toxic gas meter for maintaining good air quality in your home. App control, tracking and history data

- Measurement of toxic gases in addition to temperature and humidity
This product measures the temperature and humidity of the air in your home, as well as the presence of various toxic gases (formaldehyde, VOC toxic gases, carbon dioxide), for which we can trigger an alarm or a smart event. It is therefore possible to automate the switching of humidification, air purification, ventilation or heating systems (if these systems are also connected to our smart home system)

- High efficiency vents on the RSH Airbox-02
Permeable design with multiple vents, 360-degree detection of air changes. Two ways of placement: wall / ceiling.

- Compatible with BlitzWolf / Tuya Smart / Smart Life apps
Use 2.4GHz WIFI to connect to BW/Tuya/Smart Life APP and track measured data even remotely.

- Track historical data
Supports exporting history data to mailbox (setting in Apps)

Please do not put the product in oily and strong convection air or high concentration organic gas for a long time, otherwise it will damage the sensor.

The most important gases that determine air quality

Our sense of thermal comfort depends to a large extent on the following:
Air temperature, even small changes in which are immediately noticeable. At the same time, keeping the temperature at an optimal level (18-22°C) is very expensive and largely depends on the energy demand of the building.

Relative humidity, which indicates the water vapor content in the air, should be between 40-60%. This is not such a critical parameter and is as strictly controlled as temperature. Its values, which are significantly far from the optimal range, still cause a significant feeling of discomfort. Humidity is most often monitored in air conditioning systems by drying the circulated air.

Air composition, formed by a mixture of atmospheric gases. Within this, the percentage of oxygen and carbon dioxide has the greatest biophysical significance. The concentration of these two gases changes very quickly in indoor spaces, given that they are involved in metabolic, chemical and biochemical processes. A change in the CO2 content of inhaled air has a greater impact on the human body than a comparable change in oxygen content. Consequently, the basic element of monitoring the composition of the air is the control of the carbon dioxide content.

Effect of CO2 content on health
We need to know that a carbon dioxide content of more than 20% in the air can cause death in critical cases. Within the medium concentration range, drowsiness and a limitation of the ability to concentrate are most often observed. If the CO2 content in the inhaled air already exceeds 1000ppm, not only sleepiness and loss of attention will occur, but breathing will thicken, shortness of breath and rapid heartbeat will occur.

Characterization of CO2 concentrations and their effect on the human body
Carbon dioxide content of air - typical condition
350-450 ppm - typical CO2 content of atmospheric air, with an increasing trend due to human activity
600-800 ppm - permanently permissible concentration level without harmful effects
1000 ppm - the upper limit of the permanently permissible level within localities
5000 ppm - permissible upper limit in 8-hour exposure
6000-30000 ppm - upper level permissible in short-term exposure
3-8% - CO2 concentration range causing changes in biophysical parameters
>10% - a CO2 level at which symptoms of poisoning occur
>20% - a CO2 level at which life is at risk

Formaldehyde: the main indoor air pollutant

Inhaling it also increases the risk of respiratory diseases. If we like to use a lot of air fresheners and perfumes, it is better to get rid of them for our own sake. We blow the air in our homes almost full of chemicals. Formaldehyde is also found in many disinfectants and toilet cleaners. In the construction industry, it is used to produce binders and insulating materials; and can also be found in the adhesive material of various pressed furniture and veneer sheets.
Always ensure adequate ventilation, do not overheat the house, and check the humidity - in a warm, humid environment, more formaldehyde enters the air. If there is urea-formaldehyde foam insulation somewhere in the house, have its humidity checked and have a professional remove wet or decomposing foam.

What is the allowable level of formaldehyde in clean air?
Above the seas, max. 0.005 ppm, in rural areas max. 0.012 ppm. 1 ppm means that there is 1 part formaldehyde in 1 million parts of air. The lower limit, above which the irritating effect becomes noticeable, is about 0.3 ppm in the case of internal rooms. 3 ppm is already extremely unpleasant for most people and over a longer period of time almost unbearable.

Install the RSH® Airbox-02 smart controller in 7 simple steps:

1. Download the BlitzWolf / Smartlife / Tuya app to your phone, be it Android or IOS, and select the "Add Devices" button in the upper right corner.
2. Power up the Airbox-02 with the supplied micro USB cable.
3. Press and hold the reset button on the Airbox-02 for 5 seconds
4. Add a new device by swiping on the + sign in the upper right corner and select the CO2 sensor device.
5. Select and enter the password for your home wireless network.
6. Rename the device so that if you have several smart home devices, you can easily recognize it.
7. Press the "Done" button and create rules and send warnings in the App.



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