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HiGi® LE507- Bluetooth transmitter (receiver and transmitter 2 in 1) 2 connectable devices, Bluetooth 5.2, HiFi quality, aptX-HD support
HiGi® LE507- Bluetooth transmitter (receiver and transmitter 2 in 1) 2 connectable devices, Bluetooth 5.2, HiFi quality, aptX-HD support

HiGi® LE507- Bluetooth transmitter (receiver and transmitter 2 in 1) 2 connectable devices, Bluetooth 5.2, HiFi quality, aptX-HD support

Play even on 2 headphones at the same time from your existing device in music sending mode,
send music from up to 2 phones connected at once to your existing speakers.
The premium sound quality is guaranteed by the latest BT 5.2 Qualcomm chip, and the low delay is guaranteed by aptX protocols.

Warranty: 12 months
Sound quality Premium CD quality
Number of devices that can be connected at the same time: In receiver (RX) mode: 2 BT devices
In transmitter mode:
2 BT device
Bluetooth version: V5.2
Supported CODECs: TX / atpX Adaptive / aptX HD / aptX LL / aptX / AAC / SBC
Supported Bluetooth protocols: In receiver (RX) mode:
In transmitter mode:
Range: 10 meters
Charging time: 2 hours
Battery operation: Receiver mode (RX): ﹥20 hours
Sending mode (TX): ﹥12 hours
Connectors: Type-C (power supply), 3.5mm AUX
Contents of the package: LE507 v5.2 receiver and receiver unit, Jack cable, Type-C USB charging cable

About the HiGi® brand:
Since 2010, the company has exclusively been involved in the production of Bluetooth devices (transmitters, car sets, BT speakers) and WiFi antennas. This specialized design and manufacturing has allowed their products to be easy to use with high reliability (0.2% failure rate), and you can be sure that you are using the latest technology if you choose a HiGi product.

In stock. Delivery: 3-9 days - depend on your country.

1. Latest Bluetooth 5.2 version technology.

2. Built-in microphone, support hands-free call function in RX mode.

3. 2-IN-1 Bluetooth compatible transmitter and receiver:
Receiver mode: car kit/wired speaker/home speaker/power amplifier/headphone etc.
Transmitter Mode: TV/PC/Projector/Power Amplifier/TV Box/Bluetooth Headphone/Earphone/Bluetooth Speaker etc.

4. Dual stream support (TX mode): Connect two bluetooth speakers or headphones at the same time.

5. Support multi-point connection (RX mode): Support to connect two mobile phones.

6. Thanks to the independent LED display, the status is clearer and more intuitive.

7. You can identify the audio transmission mode with different LED colors.

8. CODECs:
RX-----aptX Adaptive/aptX HD/aptX/AAC/SBC
TX-----aptX Adaptive/aptX HD/aptX LL/aptX/SBC

Why are Bluetooth transmitters a good solution if you don't want to replace your existing speakers or TV?

With these devices, you can turn any device with a jack input / output into a Bluetooth player. It can send and receive, you just have to change the direction with the switch on the side. Since the connection works in both directions, there is no device with which it is not compatible, so the possibilities of use are unlimited.

Why are codecs that work under Bluetooth good?

Because they are able to transmit the full bandwidth of music files in "CD-like" resolution, i.e. with 16 and 24 bit depth at sampling frequencies of 44.1 and 48 kHz. It's "CD-like" and not "CD-quality" because the codecs (protocols) perform a compression that helps reduce audio encoding delays and minimize latency. The compression ratio of classic aptX is 4:1 and its data rate is 352kbps, that of aptX Adaptive is 420kbps.

aptX Adaptive: The new king of Bluetooth.

What makes aptX Adaptive so special?
As the name suggests, aptX Adaptive is an adjustable codec. Instead of setting a locked bitrate like aptX “Classic”, Low Latency and aptX HD, this version of the codec dynamically scales the bitrate to adjust the quality. The codec also includes aptX Low Latency technology, allowing it to work with a shared but not dedicated wireless antenna. As a result, the low-latency version will be phased out in the future.

aptX Adaptive bitrates can be scaled between 279kb/s and 420kb/s for CD and high definition quality music.

You'll notice that these bitrates are lower than aptX Classic and HD at 352 kbps and 576 kbps respectively. Qualcomm claims that the new codec is more efficient than the previous version, producing the same sound quality with even less data. This dynamic scaling is very different from codecs like LDAC, which only jump between a few preset quality levels.

aptX Adaptive scales between aptX Classic and aptX HD quality and includes Low Latency technology.

The codec supports playback of audio files with 16 and 24 bit depth at sampling rates of 44.1 and 48 kHz. Algorithm latency is also less than 2ms at 48kHz, with system round trip somewhere between 50ms and 80ms depending on the implementation. It's not as fast as Low Latency's sub-40ms speed, but it should be practically unnoticeable. Other codecs can reach 200ms latency, and even the old aptX was around 150ms.


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