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GoCube Rubik's Connected - Smart Rubik's Cube, with Application & Rechargeable Battery

The world's most famous logic game, Rubik's Cube, is now available in a modern, intelligent version, but also with a classic original look! Both professional speed cubers and beginners who are just starting out will love the game. Rubik's Connected teaches you how to lay out the dice in a fun, interactive way in 7 easy steps. You’ll learn to unload the Rubik’s Cube quickly and accurately, and then, thanks to the app connection, you can compare your performance to international rankings. Together with Rubik's Connected's advanced sensors and an inertial measuring unit that tracks the angular position, you can track the movement of the cube live on your phone.

Name of Product: GoCube Rubik Connected
Product model:
Applicable age: Year 8 and later
Supported operating system: Android 4.4 or iOS8.0 and new version
Embankment: Charging cable
Bluetooth version: 5.0
The GoCube Edge Full Pack includes: GoCube okos Rubik's Cube; USB cable; Holder; Travel bag
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  • Intelligent sensors that monitor and measure performance
  • Quality wireless connection with Bluetooth 5.0
  • High performance battery and low power consumption with USB charging
  • Fast dice based on the magnetic principle


Key features of Rubik's Connected

The famous Rubik's Cube smart puzzle game teaches you how to solve the puzzle correctly and as fast as possible in a fun and interactive way.
Rubik's Connected playfully helps with learning, develops problem-solving skills and memory.
It is possible to connect to Rubik's Connected via Bluetooth 5.0.
You can challenge people from all over the world
The app allows you to track the orientation and movement of the cube in real time to solve it.
The app also provides statistics on how you are progressing
Rubik's Connected is suitable for children from the age of 8.

The original Rubik's Cube - smart and with Bluetooth!

For lovers of puzzles and classic Rubik's Cubes, here's a new game that will excite even speed cubers! Connected to your smart device, you can follow the rotation and movement of the cube pieces in real time through the app, all in an interactive and fun way. Rubik's Connected simply combines useful memory and logic exercises with fun.



With the application, you can learn step by step how to unload the Rubik's Connected cube.

There are those who learn to unload the Rubik's Cube on their own and intuitively, can cause trouble for someone else, and therefore give up prematurely. But with Rubik's Connected, you don't have to give up ahead of time - the fun app guides you through the steps of the best-selling puzzle of all time in just 7 quick moves. With Rubik's Connected, you can become a beginner to a pro in no time.


Rubik's Connected provides opportunities for continuous improvement

Rubik's Connected Smart Cube not only projects every step you take into the interactive application, but also captures accurate statistics about times, movements, and each step. This way, you can keep track of your puzzles, compare your performance with your friends, and improve.



In Rubik's Connected box you will find:

Rubik's Connected smart Rubik's Cube
USB charging cable

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