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GoCube X - Smart Rubik's Cube, Application Help, Button Cell Operation

Thanks to this awesome game and App, you will learn how to unload the Rubik's Cube, via the App you can play other players anywhere in the world, and even play fun mini-games in the App. You can easily pair the GoCube X with your phone on both iOS and Android systems. In the app you will find a wide range of tips and tricks for handling the Rubik's cube.

Name of Product: GoCube X
Product model:
Applicable age: Year 8 and later
Supported operating system: Android 4.4 or iOS8.0 and new version
Embankment: Charging cable
Bluetooth version: 5.0
The GoCube Edge Full Pack includes: GoCube X smart Rubik's Cube
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Have you always wanted to know what a Rubik's Cube is, how it works and how to unload it?

Get GoCube X and expose your mind to new challenges!



GoCube X

The perfect way to immerse yourself in the secrets of the dice puzzle!
Use the app to challenge your family / friends with this timeless puzzle, be it anywhere in the world!

Don't be fooled by its innocent appearance, it won't be easy to unload :-) Make your time in front of the screen quality!



Key Features and Benefits

App-compatible cube
Smart sensors - continuously monitor and measure activity
Light indicators - inform you of your status
Low power consumption - more than 60 hours of battery life



The GoCube X is a cube with smart sensors that constantly monitor and measure speed

Economical and stable Bluetooth 5.0 technology ensures that the cube is connected to the phone

The dice are powered by a CR1225 button cell battery that can operate up to 60 hours of play

GoCube mobile application for iOS and Android


The GoCube cube uses new, striking neon colors

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