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Xiaomi Giiker Supercube iS3 - Rubik
Xiaomi Giiker Supercube i3 upgraded-version - Smart Rubik's Cube, Supercube Application, rechargeable battery

Xiaomi Giiker Supercube i3 upgraded-version - Smart Rubik's Cube, Supercube Application, rechargeable battery

Product name: Xiaomi Giiker Supercube i3 - upgraded version Cub intelligent Rubik
Product model: Supercube i3
Recommended age: 6 or above
Battery type: LIPO battery 3.7 V
Supported operating system: Android 4.4 and iOS8.0 and above
Charge: 1 hour
Bluetooth version: 4.0


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The Xiaomi Giiker Super Cube i3 upgraded version -

Rubik's Cube is an updated version of the previous Giiker Super Cube i3. This version has updated software, new and vibrant colors, and a iluminated "G" letter when charging.

The smart Rubik's cube doesn't need any special accessories, so we only get the product itself and the charging cable in the package. The smart feature lies in the sensors and the wireless connection that allows us to connect the cube with the product software to our mobile phone.
You can use the Supercube APP to connect it to your phone using the 3D help. The application is able to track in real time where the axes of the cube are being rotated. And thanks to this, if we get stuck, we can also ask the app for help on what are the steps that lead us to the goal and reassemble the colors of the Rubik's cube.

The Rubik's Cube is connected to our mobile phone via an energy-saving Bluetooth 4.0 connection, which is powered by a rechargeable battery. Luckily, they’ve also paid attention to low power consumption, so when you’re not spinning the sides of a Rubik’s cube, it automatically deactivates itself after a few seconds. All you have to do is turn on one of its sides to turn it on.

Thanks to the 3D app, if we live with the app so we can put out the right pages, it will calculate how many steps it takes to do it all. It also provides a visual guide to where to translate specific pages. If we make a mistake, we need to do one more step. Of course, not only can it be used for practice, but we can even race for a time thanks to the stopwatch of the phone app.

That's not all. This is also a Rubik's Cube board game, as through the app we can compare our knowledge with our acquaintances anywhere in the world, also through the Supercube app.

Ways to use Supercube

Learn Mode
An educational mode with an interactive story for beginners.
Training Mode
Designed for experienced solvers where you can stack randomly shuffled cubes along with performance-enhancing tools.
Solve Mode
helps you unload the randomly mixed Giiker Super Cube i3 in 30 steps with detailed instructions.
Game Mode
In this mode, you can test your speed, memory, and reactions with mini-games.
Battle Mode
It offers real-time online battles with 1v1, 3v3 and more.

Product test video

Xiaomi Giiker
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