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Tuya ZigBee 3.0  - SGWG-001 - Smart ZigBee Gateway
Tuya ZigBee 3.0 - SGWG-001 - Smart ZigBee Gateway

Tuya ZigBee 3.0 - SGWG-001 - Smart ZigBee Gateway

Smart Zigbee 3.0 Gateway Smart Home Control Center. WiFi connection to the router. More than 45 devices can be connected wirelessly via the Zigbee protocol and can be used to adjust countless SMART rules in the alchemy. Free Blitzwolf application (Android + iOS), Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant Sound Control, Very Simple Installation, 5VDC Power Supply.
Tuya Zigbee 3.0 Smart Home Gateway can easily design your own home system. Motion detectors, opening sensors, sockets, electric switches, locks, cameras, and many tools can be fitted to the HUB. SGWG -001 - Smart Zigbee Gateway through the Internet, so it can be controlled and controlled remotely! Download the free application and enjoy the SMART features!

Warranty: 18 months
Compatibility: Android and IOS, or all manufacturer ZigBee devices
Supported Zigbee Protocol: ZigBee 3.0 + backwards
Range: 30 m
Number of devices that can be connected: 45
Size: 65*50*18mm
Contents of the package: SGWG-001 - Smart ZigBee Gateway 1x USB charging cable, user guide
In stock. Delivery 2-6 workdays (Depend on your country)

In 6 simple steps, install the SGWG -001 - Smart Zigbee Gateway:

1. Download Blitzwolf on your phone, be it Android or iOS.
2. Reset-you have zigbee gateway and then click Blitzwolf: "+" --- "Add Manually" --- "" Others "---" Wireless Gateway "
3. Press the "Confirm Indicator Rapidly Blink" button.
4. Select and enter your home wireless network password.
5. Name the device.
6. Press the "Complet" button.

Why is good for SGWG -001 - Smart Zigbee Gateway?
On the one hand, many devices can only be connected to gateway for alchemy, so we have no other option, and on the other hand, we do not load our WiFi network with each smart device, which can cause instability after a certain number of connected devices.

Sensors in practice
The sensors will help in unexpected situations such as burglary, fire, pipe breakage, gas leaks and much more. In addition, you can set appropriate temperature settings in your home or office. You can connect to the central controller with the following sensors:
- Thermometer
- Pipe fracture
- Opening sensor
- Camera
- Humidity sensor
- Motion sensor
- Light sensor
- Noise sensor
- Vibration sensor

Unique features and use:

Lights automatic off/turn on, as per sunset/sunrise
Supports remote dampening of brightness through mobile devices
Turn lights in case of emergency and additional settings for these cases
Automatic lighting to prevent burglaries

Two -directional control with multi -zone heating and cooling
Simply create your own temperature control in each room (no quantitative limit)
Multi -zone humidity control using humidifier or humidifier
Creating zones of different climate using shades, lighting etc.
Send a notification for heating or power outages

Solar vessels, shutters, curtains, garage door and front doors
To operate any engine with the easy -to -program device
Automation of flooding, depending on the weather conditions
Irrigation Processes Management with Sensors or Internet weather forecast

Recognizes the leak of water or gas or watercourse
Closing / opening
Complete statistics about passages / lock / unlock
Automatic door opener
Send video when the door is open, option to watch live video stream
Start recording or remote PTZ rotation.
Sending Notification to Mobile Devices in Push Message

Monitoring and comparing energy consumption in real time
Depending on the electricity
Graphic analysis of consumption data

It also works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Its area of ​​use is almost infinite. Stand here with a Google Smart Home presentation:

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