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GoCube Edge, full pack - Smart Rubik's Cube, Application Aided, Rechargeable Battery

GoCube Edge, full pack - Smart Rubik's Cube, Application Aided, Rechargeable Battery

GoCube is a smart, app-aided Rubik’s cube that connects to your phone/tablet and tracks your moves in real time. GoCube has won the Parent’s Choice award 2020, and the Tillywig Toy Award.

Name of Product: GoCube
Product model: GoCube Edge Full Pack (GC33A-SP)
Applicable age: Year 8 and later
Supported operating system: Android 4.4 or iOS8.0 and new version
Embankment: Charging holder
Bluetooth version: 5.0
The GoCube Edge Full Pack includes: GoCube okos Rubik's Cube; USB cable; Holder; Travel bag
In stock. Delivery: 3-9 days - depend on your country.

Rubik's Cube - be smart and stay connected!

For lovers of puzzles and classic Rubik's Cubes, here's a new game that will excite even speed cubers! Connected to your smart device, you can follow the rotation and movement of the cube pieces in real time through the app, all in an interactive and fun way. The GoCube Edge Full Pack simply combines useful memory and logic exercises with fun.


Learn how to solve GoCube step by step

There are those who learn to unload the Rubik's Cube on their own and intuitively, can cause trouble for someone else, and therefore give up prematurely. However, with the GoCube Edge Full Pack, you don’t have to give up ahead of time - the fun app playfully walks you through the steps to solving the best-selling puzzle of all time. With GoCube, you can learn how to reliably unload a Rubik's Cube in an hour, and then you only have to figure out different variations.


The GoCube Edge Full Pack allows for continuous improvement

The GoCube smart cube not only projects every step you take into the interactive app, but also records accurate statistics about times, movements and each step. This way, you can keep track of your puzzles, compare your performance with your friends, and improve.


Challenge your friends from the other side of the world to a GoCube puzzle

You can play with your friends next door or on the other side of the Earth with the GoCube Edge Full Pack. Compare your strengths with a one-on-one smart pair, real-time duel, or track your progress on the GoCube world rankings and compare global results.



Learn by playing with the GoCube Edge Full Pack!

With the fun GoCube jigsaw puzzle, you can not only practice sharp logical thinking, but also learn the language of the jigsaw puzzle, create new 3D shapes, or even play mini-games in the app on your smart device. So don’t hesitate and get a GoCube Edge Full Pack, boredom is sure to escape with this puzzler!


Charging cradle that also serves as your mobile phone

The GoCube's smart cube charging stand is not only a practical helper, but also an attractive design element thanks to its transparent, modern look. It also stands on a desk, shelf or bedside table. And while you play with GoCube, you can put your mobile phone in and conveniently track your performance and dice movement in the app. It connects to the GoCube using Bluetooth 5.0.


The GoCube Edge Full Pack includes:

GoCube is a smart Rubik's Cube
USB charging cable
Charging stand - can also be used for phones
Travel bag


GoCube Full Pack


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