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4W ultrasonic rodent repellent - against mosquitoes, rats, mice, cockroaches, insects

4W - for an area of 120-150

This electronic pest repellent emits ultrasonic waves to effectively keep mice, rats and most nasty pests away 24 hours a day. The device does not destroy pests, but keeps it away from the device. The device achieves adequate efficiency 48 hours after installation. It can be operated from a standard 230V socket, so there is no need to replace batteries, it provides continuous protection.

Guarantee: 12 months
Size: 90x56x50mm
Performance: 4W
Operating frequency: 50-60Hz
Color: White
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User's Guide:
1. The machine must be installed at a distance of 20-80 cm from the ground and placed in a socket perpendicular to the ground

2. There should be no high obstacles within 1 meter of the front of the product (ie it should not be mounted on the back of objects such as refrigerators, cupboards, sofas, etc.)

3. The installation point should be avoided as far as possible from sound-absorbing materials such as carpets and curtains. Reducing the sound pressure reduces the sound range and affects the insect repellent effect

4. During the first few days of use, it is normal for the activity of rodents to increase significantly as the rats and insects that usually nest in their nests are attacked by ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves and have escaped from their original hiding places;


1. Moisture and water resistant;
2. Do not use strong solvents, water or a damp cloth to clean the body, please use a dry, soft cloth dipped in some neutral detergent;
3. Do not drop the machine or subject it to strong shocks;
4. Operating ambient temperature: 0-40 degrees Celsius;
5. If placed in a warehouse or multi-room location, even more machines should be operated to increase the effect.
6. The product must operate without interruption for 24 hours. Doors and windows should be closed at night. If you open it during the day, the pests escape.


Certificates / Certificate of Conformity

The product has the following certificate of conformity for marketing in the European Union and Switzerland:



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